Sammy and His Dog Puffy

This we site was original designed as a birthday gift to a mother. She originally wrote the story, in order to interest children, in reading and hygiene.

In working with children, the author found that they responded more readily to stories. Taking it to the next step she started to write her own stories and drawing her own pictures to illustrate the points she wanted to get across.

Sammy Sponge was brought to the web when the authors son published it in 1996, on the web as a birthday gift to his mother, she had always wanted the story published. As traffic grew at the site some features were added, but it’s stayed pretty much the same since 1997.

The developers of kidslearn4fun.com look to bring new features to this site soon so please shop our new Cafe Press Store's (See link's to the left) to help fund these developments.

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